Hi, I'm Jud Millar

I'm passionate about working with young adults in an outdoor setting.  I believe that it's your life, work and education experiences who make you who you are and prepare you to make a positive difference in this world.  


My Parents Pam and Biff started Stone Mountain Adventures (SMA) in 1983 when I was 10 years old.  My early expereinces growing up in rural Central Pennsulvania and as a camper SMA had a profound effect on me and helped instill in me my love for wild places, nature and adventures.

I did a gap year in rual Yorshire, England after high school graduation.  While there I worked in a warehouse and a "petrol station", learned to love playing to game of rugby and attended St John's College in the city of York.  

I attended Elon University in North Carolina where a studied Recreation Management , played Division II Football and helped to found the Men's Rugby Club.

After graduation from Elon University I worked as a Wilderness Insturctor for the North Carolina Outward Bround School. I co-lead 10 day to 4 week trips with multiple elements including backpacking, white water canoing and rafting, rockclimbing and winderness navigation.


Camp Director at Stone Mountain Adventures (SMA)
I returned to central PA to become the Camp Director of SMA in 2001 and have been living my dream job ever since.
Director of the Global Works Fiji, Austrailia and New Zealand 
Having the opportunity to expose US high school students to the amazing Fijian culture through meaningful service projects was a powerful experience.
High School Teacher in California 
I spent my first year at The Stanbridge Academy in Santa Clara, CA then 2 incredible years at an adventure based academic traveling high school based in Redding, CA called the NAWA USA Academy. 
Professional Mountaineering
Guide and Wilderness Instructor
  • NOLS Semester Student  
  • North Carolina Outward Bound Instructor
  • Shasta Mountain Guides, Mount Shasta, CA
  • Canadian Himalayn Expeditions, Nepal
Graduated in 1990
Huntingdon Area High School
Jud played many sports while he attended Huntingdon Area High School including: Football (3 Year Letter Winner), Wresteling (2 Year Letter Winner) and Track.
1990 - 1991
Gap Year in Yorshire, England
Jud did a Gap Year in Yorkshire where his lived with a family in rural Northern England.  Jud worked at a petrol station, a trucking warehouse and a pub.  Jud played rugby for the Pocklington Rugby Club.  
St John's College, York, England, UK
Spring 1991
Jud attended St John's College in the City of York, England for a semester.  Jud played rugby for the St John's Rugby Club.
Elon University, Elon, North Carolina
Graduated in 1995
Jud graduated with a degree in Recreation Management.  He played football at Elon, was a founding member of the Elon Rugby Club and a member of Sigma Pi Fraternity.
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